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Happiness Shared

  • Overview of Social Responsibility Activities
  • Happy Bakery & Cafe
  • SPC Happy Foundation
Home > Happiness Shared > Introduction to Social Responsibility Activities

Overview of Social Responsibility Activities

Sharing and Co-Prosperity with SPC

As a food company, all our operations at SPC Group are based on our commitment to sharing and co-prosperity. Based on our management philosophy of 'Wellbeing for Every Around,' we have been actively engaged in various activities to practice our beliefs in sharing and co-prosperity as we think the thing we can do best as a food manufacturer is to help our neighbors in need overcome their hunger.

SPC Group Sustainability - Sharing / Co-success / Ethical Management / Eco-friendly Management
  • Lumps of Bread Donated by SPC Happy Cars : 240,000 UNIT estimated
  • Hours of employees’ volunteer work : 20,218 HOURS
  • Amount donated by SPC to the Food Bank : 44.6 HUNDRED MILLION(2012)
  • Scholarships Provided to the Student : 12 HUNDRED MILLION

Overview of Social Responsibility Activities of SPC Group

As the largest contributor to Food Bank , SPC Group has been actively engaged in sharing, co-prosperity, ethics, and environmental management activities. Essentially, we are taking one step further from just sharing our food products and additionally sharing the warmth and happiness that our talents can bring.
With our SPC Happy Cars, we offer our products to those in need to help them realize there are people who care about them. Also, we continuously develop and operate various social activity programs to help our neighbors in need stand on their own feet again by providing vocational bakery training for teenagers and operating "SPC Happy Bakery & Cafe," which helps people with handicaps find jobs.

  • Food Donation
    Our SPC Happy Cars visit neighbors in need all over the country every day, providing them with fresh and delicious food products. Also, we are aiding 60 community children welfare facilities with birthday party cases every month in our 'SPC Happy Birthday Party' program on a monthly basis.
  • Education & Training
    We are running 'SPC & Soul Happy Bakery Academy' for vocational bakery and confectionary training and employment for the disabled. Another one of our vocational training programs, 'SPC My Dream Is Pâtissier‘ is aimed at helping children realize their dreams of becoming bakers and providing high quality vocational education without charge, with additional assistance for them to find jobs in SPC Group and our subsidiaries.
  • Volunteer Works
    SPC Group has entered agreements for cooperation with 18 social works organizations near our facilities and has been providing 'SPC Happy Friday' events every month, where the children in the community have a chance to learn how to bake cakes in our cake-baking courses.
  • Scholarship / Funds
    In order to help our part-time students in our stores with their academic pursuits, we provide them SPC Happy Scholarship’s every semester. Also, employees of SPC Group have been donating part of their salaries to 'SPC Happy Fund' with hopes to aid to our efforts for the rehabilitation and treatment of disabled children.
  • Healing Programs for Families with Handicapped
    We try to help not only the disabled children themselves, but we also try to help their families recover their peace of mind. For this reason, we hold 'Happy Family Trip' events twice a year to enable the disabled children and their families take a trip to Jeju Island. Also, in cooperation with Purme Foundation, Pascucci, and Paris Baguette we run coffee & cake schools for the mothers of disabled children four times a year.
  • Children’s Baking Competition
    In order to provide the aspiring bakers of Korea with opportunities to show off their skills and talents, we hold our 'My Dream is Pâtissier‘ Competition on Children's Day every year.

Social Responsibility Activities by Our Subsidiaries

SPC Group has been actively engaged in various social responsibility activities which best utilize the characteristics of our brands and subsidiaries. Paris Baguette, which is the largest bakery brand in country, is providing bakery/ confectionery experience classes for marginalized children, while Pascucci and Dunkin' Donuts are taking advantage of their strength in coffee products in their talent donation activities to by providing barista training courses for social welfare facilities and the disabled. Meanwhile, Baskin Robbins has been operating its Pink Cars to visit remote places in the mountain regions all over the country offering ice-cream parties. In addition, Samlip General Food and Bizeun, a rice cake brand, are offering product sponsorship activities.

  • Paris Croissant
    Paris Croissant has been holding 'Community Bread Sharing Day' events where franchisees and HQ employees cooperate to execute the event successfully. In addition, Paris Croissant participates in various social activities such as First Donation for Salvation Army of the Year, 'Pascucci, Christmas Cake of Love,' etc.
  • Baskin Robbins
    Baskin Robbins has been running Pink Car programs which is aimed at supporting the dreams of children. The Pink Cars visit children and people in need in communities where visiting Baskin Robbins is difficult to give them a happy ice cream parties.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts
    Dunkin' Donuts activities are mainly focused on supporting culture and performance efforts. Dunkin' Donuts has been a sponsor of 'Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival' and '15 Minutes to Change the World' to support the passions and talents of the youth of Korea. In 2013, Dunkin’ Donuts donated doughnuts to community welfare centers in cooperation with NC Dinos baseball team and operated coffee schools for the disabled.
  • Samlip General Food
    Samlip General Food organizes a monthly 'Love Town Sharing Day' event to donate products to families in need, and host bakery live baking events, and provide Corporate donation , as part of our various social activities.
    Also, our rice cake brand, 'Bizeun' has been delivering our gratitude to senior citizens in our 'Gratitude, Love, and Sharing Day' on every Parents' Day.