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The right person we, at SPC, want is the one with an open and customer-oriented mind, a creative, challenging spirit, and understanding of the value of co-prosperity. Talents for SPC Group
Talents for SPC Group
Customer Focus : Customer recognition, Identification of customer desires, Creation of customer value
Creative Challenge : Creative minds, Challenging goals, Strength to make things happen
Grow Together : Cooperative mind, Building trust, Sustained relationships
  • Customer FocusA person who can be considerate
    toward and understanding of
    our customers, with the ability to
    express the kind of values that
    our customers want
  • Creative ChallengeA person with a creative and
    volunteering spirit, and who
    embraces the challenge of
    achieving a higher and more
    demanding goal
  • Grow TogetherA person who can cooperate with
    others and can maintain
    relationships based on mutual trust