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About Us

  • spc way
  • History
  • Subsidiaries
  • SPC Research Institute of Food and BioTechnology
  • Business Integrity
  • How to Reach Us
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Business Integrity

We, SPC Group, will be the global food company that leads the food culture and fulfill our social responsibilities by Jung-Do (The Right Way) Management and comply with laws and regulations as we manage our company.
For a company to survive and continue to grow in a challenging management environment, it is necessary that the company endeavor to make the society a better, happier place by striving to earn the trust of its customers, establish a good company reputation, and pursue a competitive advantage. For this reason, we are working to enhance the ethical mindset of our employees and of the company as a whole so that the will for Business Integrity and abiding by the laws and regulations will spread all over the Group. Based on our management philosophy of “commitment to the good of the public and well-being of everyone around,” SPC Group announced its Ethics Charter and Ethics Code and adopted a “Ethics Standard” reflecting the specific rules of the implementation of such policy.

All employees are required to abide by the company’s rules and regulations, maintain fair and transparent attitudes in their business activities, and strive for Business Integrity as our management policy for the sake of the happiness of all our customers and all the members of our company.
Background of Adoption
  • We at SPC have been successful in our business and pursuit of growth due to our fulfillment of our responsibilities and duties towards our customers as a customer-oriented company.
  • In this regard, to become a company that is loved by its customers even more, and to expand our business beyond the borders of our country and to pursue further growth in the global market based on the capabilities we have achieved over a long time, we should understand that an even more dedicated implementation of the principle of ‘Business Integrity’ is required from us now more than ever.
  • ‘Business Integrity’ will enhance the society’s trust in our company, will make our company loved more by our customers, and will serve as the foundation of even higher competitive advantages by increasing the company’s value and profits.
  • SPC now declares that it will adopt ‘Business Integrity’ for the “creation of customer value,” “fulfillment of its responsibility to the society by serving the community and contributing to its development,” ”pursuit of the welfare and profit of all interested parties,” and “becoming the best and most advanced company that creates a fair and transparent corporate culture.”
Organization/Separation of Responsibilities
  • Ethics Management Committee Business Integrity Team Leader
    • Serves as the primary decision-making institution for Business Integrity.
    • Approves the overall Business Integrity plan.
    • Decision making for the Ethics Charter, Ethics Code, and Ethics Standard revisions/renewal.
    • Overall supervision of all Business Integrity related matters.
  • Office of Ethics Management Business Integrity Team
    • Establishment of overall Business Integrity plans.
    • Receipt of ethics-related complaints/reports, investigation, reporting/ notification of investigation results.
    • Monitoring for violations of the Ethics Standard and taking responsive measures for such violations.
    • Implementation of internal or public projects (to be applied when the program enters the expansion phase after settling down).
    • Periodic operation performance report.
    • Linking with promotional activities for Business Integrity and relevant training programs (presentation of best practices and violation cases).
  • Ethics Management Implementation Management Team General Affairs of Each Subsidiaries Company
    • Actual implementation of the internal implementation provisions.
    • Monitoring and notification of any violation of the Ethics Standard (Office of Ethics Management).
    • Implementation of independent ethical management activities by each subsidiary.
    • Performance of assigned Business Integrity tasks in case of groupwide ethical management program implementation.